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About Us at Korindo Network Tours and Travel.

Year 2004 where the internet is growing like glowing mushroom in the rainy season...we started to build this website with very simple method learning by doing. we learn from zero base - how to build a website so that we can put it in the all experience and an ideas in to the online information's. Principles: never give up, trial and error, less sleep, reading the tutorial and finally We made it as you see on our website now. Its getting better than first time we built it and online.

This is our thoughts and an ideas:

Korindo Network Tours and Travel is our home where we can focus our attention on our positive thoughts and our actions towards what we have been doing for many years in the tourism industry, more specifically eco tourism.

Why Komodo Dragon, Mount Rinjani and Orangutan?

  • 1.KOmodo dragon, which is the original home to the incredible Komodo dragon (also known as the monitor lizard)
  • 2.RINjani Mountain, is a huge volcano with a magnificent lake measuring 8 km x 6 km inside the crater. anD
  • 3.Orangutan, these remarkable primates live in their natural rainforest habitat in Tanjung Puting National Park on The centre of Kalimantan.

1993 was our first visit to the three places that located Komodo Dragon (monitor lizard) in Flores (East Nusa Tenggara ), Rinjani Mountain on Lombok island ( West Nusa Tenggara), and Orangutan Borneo in Kumai ( Central Borneo/Kalimantan). we admired the exotic of these places and inspired by the beautiful nature and the amazing wildlife.

Why is Named Korindo-Network.Com?

It was simple an idea came up in our thoughts: begin with Komodo, Rinjani and Orangutan as we are admirer them. We put together the first strong alphabetical words: KO for Komodo, RIN for Rinjani and DO for anD Orangutan (KORINDO). The Network after Korindo means the network between our life, human, animals, plants and environment one of each others all is linked together. 11 years later, years 2004 Korindo-network.Com is online.

Who we are?

Korindo-network.Com is built from the experience of our team working together. We have dedicated our lives to the tourism industry. Who has had many years’ experience in the tourism industry and has visited many tourism destinations in Indonesia. Not only do we seek to introduce you, the intrepid traveler, to our Indonesia - this website will give information and publicity about this country. It will also bring much needed work and income to the local people we visit. We recognize the need, the hunger for such holidays 'off the beaten track'.

Trek up the High Volcanoes - Dive deep into the blue sea - get lost in our dense wilderness.

Experience is the best teacher:

Korindo-network.Com opens up Ecological and Adventure trips to all types of people. The Scientist, Naturalist, Photographer, Adventurer, Student, Boy Scout, or even families and others who care, know, and are curious to know more about the environment.

Korindo-network.Com will lead you through the rain forest to visit the an endangered species, the Orangutan - one of humankinds living relatives in the animal kingdom in Tanjung Puting National Park, the rehabilitation's centre for Orangutan. Nowhere else on earth can you see and observe so many Orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus) living free in their natural home. Rinjani mountain on Lombok island and Komodo Dragon on Komodo island. Our guide team, who have been experienced in rainforest for years involved directly with ecology tourism to conserve nature will give you answers to anything you want to know about The rain forest, Orangutan, Proboscis monkey, Birds, and other animals including the local people of Borneo "Dayak Tribes" as well as the local people of lombok island "Sasak Tribes" in West Nusa Tenggara.

Korindo-network.Com invites you to the heart of rain forest to feel the spirit of ecological adventure. We are young Biologist, Naturalist and expert in jungle survival, tropical mountain rescue and travel business, operated company, offering ECOLOGICAL and ADVENTURE JOURNEYS in the INDONESIAN TROPICAL RAIN FOREST.

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